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Transformator för produkter från USA, med 110VAC US-uttag

En gemensam nämnare  Av de trafos du räknar upp har jag använt Tango Lundahl Hammond och Edgar. Något som även finns att tillgå från Electra print (USA), Bartolucci (IT)  Köp lundahl ll1532 transformer analogue audio pcb microphone input. Shoppa på PricePi – Sökmotorn för shopping. K67-style capsule, and a premium Swedish-made Lundahl output transformer. Designed and assembled by hand in the USA; Pleasant, natural mid range  Lundahl transformers i Norrtälje finns också.

Lundahl transformers usa

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Phone: +46 176 139 30. Fax: +46 176 139 35. Jac Music collection of schematics using Lundahl transformers . (Jac Music is our German distributor of audiophile transformers) Old-fasioned 30W Push-Pull amplifier.

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Medical, Plug-In Isolation, Autotransformers, Power Conditioners. Audio Transformers. Signal Level, Speaker Level, Tube Audio.

Lundahl transformers usa

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Tube amplifier output transformer LL2735B . 16k : 8 ohms . The LL2735B is a tube amplifier output transformer for 16k : 8 ohms impedance ratio, primarily designed for EDCOR is one of the leading manufacturers of high quaility audio transformers. Our products have been installed worldwide for over 40 years in your local mall or church to the latest airliners and space stations Power Transformers. Low Voltage or High Voltage Tube plate. Chokes & Reactors. Line Transformers.

Lundahl transformers usa

Starting at 199. Transformer and capacitor coupled options available. Lundahl transformers from Sweden are recognized worldwide for their durability, wide frequency response and noise free operation.
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Lundahl transformers usa

Lundahl Transformers, Norrtälje. 2,252 likes · 84 talking about this.

Tube Amplifier Output Transformers: Type: Impedance Ratio: LL1620: 3.3k, 6.0k or 11.5k primary impedance. 4, 8, or 16 ohms secondary impedance: LL1623: 1.6k, 3.0k or Lundahl tube amplifier output transformers. Pricelist. Each model number is available in a Push-Pull By connecting these coils in a certain way the transformers can be wired for different output impedances (4, 8, 16R ) and/or they can Lundahl is the renowned Swedish manufacturer of excellent audio transformers, which can be optionally installed in appropriately prepared SPL devices.
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Stöd till eget skapande, demokrati och folkbildning

JLM14 Input Transformer +$44.00AUD can take several transformers from manufacturers like OEP, Lundahl & Jensen. One channel mic/line portable splitter is available in two variants, both with Lundahl transformers inside: MM1121 Allegro - with LL1581XL transformer for pro  In addition, Whirlwind distributes premium Lundahl and Jensen transformers and these transformers may be special ordered in many Whirlwind products. Kolektor Etra's main competitors include Koncar Power Transformers, Hyundai Power Transformers, Lundahl Transformers and Instrument Transformers. Microphone Preamp: · Discrete Class A · 65dB gain · Balanced inputs, with optional Lundahl transformers · Full bypass insert · Input Reverse Switch · Mic/ Line Switch  Transformers with copper wire windings are still 99% of our Visa mer av Lundahl Transformers på Facebook. Logga in Whitestone Audio Instruments, USA. 27517 Chapel Hill, North Carolina, North Carolina, USA. Visa vägbeskrivning. Highlights info row Lundahl Transformers · 2 juli 2019. New ”Chokes” page!

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